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Donate money to Wildlife Rehabilitation Ireland to help Irish wildlife and those who care for them

Do you want help WRI in our aims to;
Promote wildlife rehabilitation
Encourage standardisation of care
Support Irish rehabilitators
Provide continuing professional development opportunities

If you do; click HERE


Donate equipment to a wildlife sanctuary

Have you got spare towels, disinfectant, newspapers, wet gear, pet carriers, dog food etc?

See Wish List HERE and contact the individual / sanctuary that you wish to donate equipment to.
Click HERE to find their contact details on



Volunteer at a wildlife sanctuary

Wildlife sanctuaries in Ireland are mainly run entirely by full and part time volunteers and are dependent on the generosity of the general public through donations of both time and money in order to be able to carry out their great work.

Give them a hand; use the contacts page on website and contact the individual / sanctuary that interests you



Carpentry/Electrical/Computer skills?

Wildlife need cages, aviaries, heating, lighting and increasingly the organisations rely heavily on computers for communication, fundraising etc. If you think you can help, give your local wildife sanctuary a call.




Provide a wildlife release location

Do you live in a secluded countryside location, away from main or secondary roads, bordered by fields or forest, in an area where hunting is prohibited, near water of some kind i.e. river/lake/pond?

If so, and you would be interested in providing a release site for wildlife then please READ MORE first and then fill in this FORM and forward it to us at



Volunteer for Wildlife Rehabilitation Ireland

WRI advertise volunteer vacancies as they arise, on the Volunteer Ireland website. Please check their site regularly or email us at if you would like to volunteer for us.





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