November 25th 2018

Wildlife Event

Wildlife Rehabilitation Ireland comes to Brigit's Garden, Galway

We want to meet you and tell you who we are and what we do!

The award winning Celtic Gardens, woodlands, meadows, polytunnel and lochán provide a unique setting to do just that, and for you to explore the wonders of nature.

Join us for an afternoon of wildlife talks, walks and entertainment. The afternoon is open to anyone with an interest in wildlife. We look forward to meeting you there.

Between 2pm and 6pm activities include:

  • Introduction to Wildlife Rehabilitation Ireland by Aideen Magee

  • Plans for Ireland's first ever national wildlife rehabilitation and teaching hospital

  • A Q&A session by award winning garden designer (and WRI patron) Mary Reynolds

  • Celtic gardens wildlife walk

  • Music from internationally acclaimed musician (and WRI patron) Sharon Shannon

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Brigit's Garden



M. Reynolds

Mary Reynolds

Wildlife Rehabilitation Ireland is delighted to have the well known nature activist and landscape designer Mary Reynolds as Patron promoting the value of our work, in particular, our vision to build Ireland’s first Wildlife Rehabilitation & Teaching Hospital.
Mary was asked to create a concept and design for Brigit's Garden and she came up with an inspired design, itself a weaving of old wisdom with a contemporary consciousness. Read more about Mary Reynolds on the patron page of our website.


S. Shannon

Sharon Shannon

Wildlife Rehabilitation Ireland is also delighted to have the widely respected and talented Irish musician Sharon Shannon as WRI's Patron. Sharon is best known for her work with the accordion and for her fiddle technique. She also plays the tin whistle and melodeon. Sharon became known for broadening the horizons of traditional music in the 1980s and '90s. Thoroughly versed in Irish music, she has not been afraid to mix her playing on accordion and fiddle with all manner of different styles. Read more about Sharon Shannon on the patron page of our website.


Aideen Magee

Aideen Magee

Wildlife and animals have been an integral part of Aideen's life from early childhood. She hand reared her first orphaned blackbird at the age of ten, and maintained a keen interest in all aspects of the natural world from that point. Although working as a teacher, her ongoing interest in wildlife means she spends most of her spare time engaged in wildlife rescue and rehabilitation Aideen joined the Board of Directors of WRI in May 2016, and is a highly valued member of our team.








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